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Welcome to the new concept of governance funding, the platform is developed to allow the growth of HTRC to new limits by implementing an algorithm that will generate passive income. The funds raised allows the implementation of new strategies, exchange listings and marketing tactics in order to give back to the community.

This is how it works:

  • Register an account for free on the platform.
  • Create a wallet address and deposit HTRC.
  • Buy tickets to participate in the lottery. The more tickets you own, the higher the chance to win the prize.
  • The winning lottery ticket is being randomly picked by the system and the winner receives 10% of all contributions immediately into his wallet address which may then be transferred instantaneously into the address of their choice.
  • Once the funding round is completed the next round begins automatically.
  • The governance fund is then allocating the remaining contributions of HTRC which are released into exchanges and sold when the market is stable as not to affect current prices of HTRC.